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    maj 17, 2015 @ 1:46 e m

    Why haven’t I read your blog in a while? I should’ve. The wise words and the unbelievable images always gives me high-octane super fuel.

    Regarding Nepal, why don’t you just keep doing one of the things you do best – photograph and write. Use social media to tell their earlier stories with you incredible images and heartwarming stories to potentially involve more people in their struggle. The probability of people becoming more interested probably increases the more you post, telling the stories from different perspectives. If they then choose to support them there are tons of ways:

    If you personally/physically want to go there a hint is to start with your strengths and tell their ongoing story – live. If you want to do more than that I think you can find inspiration from what others have done:

    Regarding passion, since as I agree with you that change is truly the only constant, my way of handling passion is to once a week re-evaluate my vision, purpose and goals, which are supposed to reflect my passion, to get clarity on the coming week. I think clarity fuels my passion rocket that takes me to the stars of happiness 🙂


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