Pompe philosophy - a work in process

Because it's helpful to know what you think is important in life, and why you do what you do.


"Many may think that what I do is dangerous, disrespecful for life and perhaps even stupid. But it's usually because they don't know anything about the way I live, or the things I do.

I believe it's disrepectful not to live life. I love all forms of life and I beleive in appreciating it by enjoying it, experiencing it, being happy and sharing happiness with others. Rather than being safe in front of a television or a computer, I cherish life. Remember that life is not waiting for you, you have to live it immediately".


"Fear is not to be feared. Fear usually starts with a thought of something that might or might not happen in the future. Since it's just a thought, and the thought is in your own mind, you should be able to re-think.

Fear should ba a natural part of life. It will tell you when and where to focus. And it will tell you a lot about yourself. Never let fear paralyze you into action. When you look deeply into fear, you will eventually see that there is nothing there".



"I believe in compassion. I beleive that you should be compassionate towards yourself, your body and to others. And if you are strong or rich in some way, you should help the ones in need. We all have abilities and ways to help. Part of the world is the way it is because of selfishness, greed and ignorance. Please be compassionate, take care of yourself, enjoy life, enjoy nature and share what you have with others".


Words and silence

"I believe in using words wisely. Once you've said something you can never put it back in again. There's an old sufi-advice of wisdom to let what you want to say pass through these gates of speech before you say it: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it beneficial? Is it kind?
I also believe in silence. When you are silent in both speech and mind you will hear and understand much more. Short periods of silence in nature are most beautiful and peaceful


Knowledge and experience

You can read and study as much as you want. You can look deeply into the most complex of sports and subjects, spend hours on the internet. But there is nothing like the real experience. Keep an open mind. Don't watch life going by, experience it.

Complaining is a luxury

I believe one of the most negative and thought-depressing activities is to complain. It's especially nerve-wracking to complain about things you can't do anything about, such as the past or the weather. Next time you hear yourself complaining, remember how fortunate you are if you live in the western world.


To find passion, you have to look inward.
If you look outward, all you will see is what other people are doing.
You are not other people.